Lede vergadering 15 April

Wat ‘n voorreg om 27 Besigheidsmans en vroue te ontvang by die maandelikse vergadering, waarvan 4 nuwe lede is.

Stefan Olivier van Profanin Services deel interesante feite oor die rol wat die privaat sektor huidiglik speel in ons ekonomie.  Besigheidsmense het ondermekaar heerlik gesels en hulle besighede onder mekaar bekendgestel.Ons het afgesluit  met ‘n heerlike bordkos wat deur Crispi koffiehuis vir ons voorberei  is. 


Graag stel ons die nuwe lede voor:            

  • Jenny van Dam   -   Delta Crane
  • Mokete Sethabela   - Karatech CC
  • Klippies Kritzinger-  Tharochem Detergents
  • Michiel Eksteen  -  Impeccable Fencing & Construction

Nuwelede April2015

Purpose of the Chamber

The Sasolburg Business Chamber is in a restructuring process.  The aim is to create a chamber which builds bridges and partnerships with different structures like small business, local government and industry to create a vibrant economy for our community. 

The new management structure includes:

William Hartzer - Chairperson, Elmore Marshall – Vice Chairperson, Marlene O'Reilly - Vice-Chairperson and Cally Cilliers – Secretary.

  • To facilitate growth and development opportunities on behalf of its members;
  • To create effective partnerships and networks with key government and civil society institutions;
  • To be a center of knowledge providing its members with local and regional business news, available opportunities and current government sources and programmes;
  • To market Sasolburg as a town and create effective linkages to promote  the town;
  • To be a mouthpiece on behalf of business members representing all sectors;
  • Create effective communication channels.


 To be the thrust behind the economy Locally, Regionally and Provincially 



"Through active involvement and innovative conduct the Sasolburg Business Chamber makes a contribution to increase the interests of its members” 

Why is it important that a local business becomes a member of the Chamber?

  • The Chamber is strategically positioned to represent the interest of all its members through:
    • A dialogue structure established with the District and Local Municipalities to represent the interests and needs of local businesses
    • It’s leadership membership role within the Economic Sector Team of the Rejuvenation of Metsimaholo (Two of its management members are also Trustees of the Rejuvenation of Metsimaholo Trust)
    • It’s affiliation with AHI
    • It’s affiliation on a regional basis with neighboring business chambers 
  • The holding of regular annual events i.e. Budget Speech breakfast, Annual Golf Day, Business Awards and other events;
  • Research and provision of business information with regard to government policies and programmes.