Purpose of the Chamber 

The Sasolburg Business Chamber is in a restructuring process.  The aim is to create a chamber which builds bridges and partnerships with different structures like small business, local government and industry to create a vibrant economy for our community. 

The new management structure includes:

William Hartzer - Chairperson, Elmore Marshall – Vice Chairperson, Marlene O'Reilly - Vice-Chairperson and Cally Cilliers – Secretary.

  • To facilitate growth and development opportunities on behalf of its members;
  • To create effective partnerships and networks with key government and civil society institutions;
  • To be a center of knowledge providing its members with local and regional business news, available opportunities and current government sources and programmes;
  • To market Sasolburg as a town and create effective linkages to promote  the town;
  • To be a mouthpiece on behalf of business members representing all sectors;
  • Create effective communication channels.


 To be the thrust behind the economy Locally, Regionally and Provincially 



"Through active involvement and innovative conduct the Sasolburg Business Chamber makes a contribution to increase the interests of its members” 

Why is it important that a local business becomes a member of the Chamber?

  • The Chamber is strategically positioned to represent the interest of all its members through:
    • A dialogue structure established with the District and Local Municipalities to represent the interests and needs of local businesses
    • It’s leadership membership role within the Economic Sector Team of the Rejuvenation of Metsimaholo (Two of its management members are also Trustees of the Rejuvenation of Metsimaholo Trust)
    • It’s affiliation with AHI
    • It’s affiliation on a regional basis with neighboring business chambers 
  • The holding of regular annual events i.e. Budget Speech breakfast, Annual Golf Day, Business Awards and other events;
  • Research and provision of business information with regard to government policies and programmes.